Beauty, to me, is about being
comfortable in your own skin.
That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

Gwyneth Paltrow.

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.

Gwyneth Paltrow.

Are you feeling invisible and seek the need for a change? Have you been wearing the same old makeup for years and fancy something new? Having a new makeup look or routine is a good place to start.

Whether it be a makeover or learning that new look, it really does wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. Paul can work with you to find your colours and design a look specially for you. It could be that day look to keep you looking fresh or a dramatic night style to give you the lift you have been waiting for. Perhaps you just have a special occasion to attend and want to look your very best. Paul can help with that too.

When you visit Paul for a makeover or a makeup lesson, why not treat yourself to a few photos to keep as a memory of the day. Paul is not only fantastic makeup artist but a great photographer too. Have a look at our photography section for more information.

How we present ourselves is an important factor on how people react and engage with us. We choose who we are and how we would like the world to see us. Makeup can be our mask to hide behind, a personal creative expression or just a tool to make us feel better and lift our confidence.

Paul trained, privately, with a makeup tutor from the Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy in Manchester for 12 months before starting to paint faces professionally. He has also had lessons with industry leaders and continues to update his techniques making sure the looks he designs are modern and current. Paul?s experience spans over seven years and includes people of all ages and gender expression. He has had his artistry published in several national and international magazines.

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From my perspective, I feel in the time since my day with Paul my life has changed for the better, I have developed a real motivation to improve the way I look through the techniques and advice Paul has given me, I feel more confident about embracing my feminine persona, I also feel for the first time that I am beautiful and not a mismatched ugly freak which has caused me much personal anguish, stress, shame and denial over the years. Paul has been the impetus for this change.

Lisa Sweet

I met Paul with nervous anticipation, that went as soon as he opened the door and I was led to his studio, what a beautiful location. Paul very quickly discussed what I was looking for and started his craftsmanship explained what he was doing and why with the makeup he was so exacting, nothing was too much trouble. I was left to get dressed in my first of many changes. Paul advised with some of the clothes that would photograph well. Paul is not only a gifted makeup artist but a gifted photographer.


Went to Paul for a makeup lesson. I’m a total beginner and have been dissatisfied with my paltry attempts. Paul put me at ease straight away. All the steps were explained well, along with products used and recommended. I will be stocking up! I was really happy with the look created, as Paul made me look better than I thought possible. My problem area were eyes, and I shall be practising. All in all, great value, great service, totally recommended, and I shall be back. A big thank you to Paul.

Julie Rose

I’ve known Paul a long time and have been so impressed with his makeup artistry that I felt he would be the best person to help me with a makeup lesson. I’m 53 and the makeup I wear is quite basic. I’ve been to loads of makeup counters to have makeup applied. It’s always felt like too much, really rushed or a hard sell and never much of a lesson. I know there are YouTube videos, but the 20-year-old vlogger doesn’t have my skin, or colouring. I needed something more personal, with patience and time. As well as recommendations for ME! 

I chose a 3-hour lesson, which included full face application with contouring. Very reasonably priced for the time. You’re never going to get that from YouTube or at a makeup counter. As we’re on lockdown we did the lesson via Zoom. Paul had a split screen, so both our images were side by side. I really appreciated watching Paul apply on himself so I could then copy whilst he was doing it. He also could then advise right away as he watched me. Learning to use eyeshadow correctly is something I’ve always wanted to do. I was also worried that contouring would be too much for me, but I learned that with a little in the right place you could really accentuate features or diminish others. 

After the lesson, Paul sent me lesson notes, and product advice tailored to me. 

It was definitely a great place to start. I can now practice with the tools he gave me.  I know I’ll go back as I feel more confident and want to learn how to do something more dramatic. 

Thank you again, Paul! 


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