None of us are getting any younger, that?s a fact of life, but the right makeup can make a more mature face take on a different kind of beauty.

How you apply makeup maters when you?re older, because getting it right can enhance your best features, rather than simply act to conceal the effects of age.

What Happens When Your Face Ages

Your face changes as you age. The skin loosens and its texture changes, making it appear transparent or thinned. Where your skin loses its fatty tissue, it can become less plump and smooth-looking. Older skin bruises more easily due to this loss of elasticity. Wrinkles appear naturally.

Fat from your eyelids settles into your eye sockets, given your eyes a more sunken, huddled look. You can develop bags under your eyes as the lower eyelids slacken, and even the upper eyelid may droop as its muscle slackens.

Sounds a bit grim? Never fear, because makeup still has the power to transform your features, highlighting your best bits. Its application? just requires a different approach.

Let?s ?start with the eyes.

Your Eye Makeup
Don?t opt for shimmer eye-shadow because it will only make any? lines and wrinkles more vivid. Instead, go for a matte finish. Matte eye shadows still provide plenty of gorgeous-looking results and if you want some glitter, just add it to the mobile bit of your eyelid.

If you?ve got hooded eyelids at top, take your crease colour higher so that it?s still visible when your eyes are open. This shading will help hide your hood. You must blend the colour in carefully, and your eye-shadow base should be a matte finish too.

Blended Eyeliner
Although the winged-out look is popular, on the more mature eye it can be difficult to get the lines to sit well. Instead, therefore, opt for a more smoked-out look, to blend your eyeliner better.

The Perfect Primer
When it comes to wrinkles, silicon-based primers are a highly effective means of creating a smooth surface for your foundation. Wrinkles are like tiny trenches, but the primer fills them in.

A Softer Foundation
On the more mature face, full coverage foundation can leave the results looking too heavy-handed. Just because your face has wrinkles, doesn?t mean you need to over-compensate with your makeup. The danger is that it settles into the wrinkles, making them more noticeable.

Instead, go for light or medium-coverage with your foundation, and soften it by applying it with a damp sponge. This will help to give it a sheer, flawless look.

A bolder alternative is to ditch the foundation altogether, opting for lighter makeup such as BB creams, airbrushing or tinted moisturisers for great coverage that won?t accentuate your wrinkles.

Tips for Lips
With older lips, bullet lipstick can bleed into the lines around them. There are various ways of avoiding this. Use a lip liner or even a concealer around the area where pencil meets skin.

Oil-based liquid lips tend to work better. If you do opt for a matte look for your lips, do consider adding a touch of gloss to your bottom lip.

Makeup with Confidence
Your mature face can become an expression of a fully confident you, and applying makeup to suit it is a huge part of this. We hope these tips are helpful.

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