Do you get confused which makeup brush is best for what job? It?s a real minefield out there with lots of brands and different types to choose from. The two main groups are synthetic and natural brushes.

Makeup brushes can make or break your look when it comes to a pristine application. So which type of brush works best with the products in your kit? Don?t know? Then read on?

These brushes are normally made from nylon, taklon, polyester or other synthetic fibres. Synthetic makeup brushes are best used for liquid or cream products like concealer and foundation as they don?t trap makeup or get clumpy and gunky (this could save you some money in the long run, as they use less product). Synthetic bristles tend to attract towards each other making them really great at precision application, smooth and streak-free.

You will find that natural makeup brushes are made out of various animal hair often sable, squirrel or goat. Natural hair contains cuticles, which have great pick-up and blending properties. They are also super soft. Unlike synthetic brushes they are extremely durable and, would you believe it, get better the older they are and the more you use them. These brushes are excellent when working with powder products. Great with eye shadow, bronzers and anything else powder based. Natural brushes have more texture then synthetic brushes, so you?ll achieve a better application. The hair moves more freely which, not only pick up more products in one load but will also make your blending better giving fantastic results. ?

Good luck in finding that perfect brush for you and the job it needs to do.

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